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Our Story

Technology that Empowers

We founded Asitec in 2016 with the belief that great work can change the world, and we are committed to helping people do great work that makes
a difference.

Asitec was founded by two seasoned professionals with extensive experience in IT. We aim to empower HR professionals, employees, and organizations by simplifying complex processes and streamlining time-consuming tasks. This enables them to dedicate their efforts to supporting their people, excelling in their roles, and fostering business growth.

Tamar Bosikashvili, Aisitec CEO

"From the beginning, our goal has always revolved around individuals to liberate people and enable them to excel in their work.

This guiding mission remains unchanged, as we provide HR professionals, employees, and organizations with a digital platform to simplify complex procedures and streamline tedious responsibilities."

"We respect our customers. Asitec is highly regarded by our customers due to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Our dedication to quality and excellence drives us to consistently exceed our client's expectations.
This is evident in our above-industry-average Net Promoter Score (NPS), a testament to our ability to exceed customer satisfaction.”

Mikheil Kapanadze, Asitec
Aisitec Values

Our Values

Innovation: We embrace a culture of continuous innovation, pushing boundaries and staying ahead of the curve to provide cutting-edge software solutions for our clients.

Security: Our commitment to security ensures that our clients can trust our software to protect their valuable HR data, providing them with peace of mind and confidence in our solutions.

Employee well-being: We value the importance of human capital and their time. Our software solutions are designed aiming to streamline HR processes and save valuable time for both HR professionals and employees.

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