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Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions of Service


1. The terms used in this document have the following meaning:

1.1 User - a person who uses the service of "Aisitec" LLC (SC 405155807) (hereinafter - Aisitek);

1.2 Service - a product (program, application, etc.) created by Aisitek, which is used by the user;

1.3 AWS – Amazon's cloud platform (Amazon Web Services), on which the services provided to the user are based.

1.4 AWS service terms - the agreement signed with the AWS customer and defines the standard terms and conditions of service (given at the following link );

1.5 Third party - any person other than Aisitek (or an authorized employee of Aisitek) and the user (or an authorized person of the user).

2. The standard terms and conditions of this service establish the basic principles of using the service offered by Aisitek.

3. In the event that one or more functions offered by the Aisitec service are intended for a specific user, Aisitec provides the user with a profile - a space intended for this user.

4. Depending on the specifics of the service, the Aisitec service may allow the user to have one or more sub-users with corresponding sub-profiles under his profile. Users and sub-users are identified by unique identifiers (domain name, username, email address, or other). All obligations set forth in this document to Users and Profiles also apply to Sub-Users and Sub-Profiles, and by using the Service, the User confirms that his/her Sub-Users will comply with them. In case of violation of the obligations established by this document by sub-users and sub-profiles, the responsibility rests with the user.

5. The user is obliged to take all necessary (reasonable) measures so that his profile is not used by third parties.

6. To protect against unauthorized use of profiles by third parties, a password is issued to the user. In order to provide additional security, Aisitech may offer the user the use of additional authentication factors (SMS codes, one-time codes, cryptographic keys, etc.).

7. The password and other authentication factors are confidential information that should be known only to the user. Aisitek is not responsible for the damage that may be caused to the user by discovering his password and/or additional authentication factors in the hands of other persons. If the action is performed with the correct password and additional authentication factors (if any), Aisitek will consider that the user acted directly.

8. The user is obliged not to share the password and/or other authentication factor (if any) with third parties. If the user learns or suspects that his password has become known to another person, or another person has gained access to an additional authentication factor, he is obliged to take all necessary measures to prevent this.

9. The processing of personal data in the service is governed by the personal data protection policy, which is accepted by the user together with the standard terms and conditions of this service. Consent can be expressed by ticking the appropriate button of the policy document, which will be considered as an electronic signature defined by the law of Georgia "On Electronic Document and Electronic Trust Services". It is also possible to sign the policy document physically and/or with a qualified electronic signature/stamp. An exception to the use of a qualified electronic signature/stamp is the validation service.

10. In case of the will expressed by ticking the button specified in paragraph 9 of this document, the payment of the service fee by the user is considered as the consent expressed by the action established by the Civil Code of Georgia.

11. The user is obliged not to disclose the confidential information necessary for using the service, which he will receive from Aisitec. In case of violation of this obligation, the user is responsible for the direct and indirect damage caused to Aisitec.

12. Aisitek's service is located in the AWS infrastructure, which is subject to the terms and conditions established by Amazon: AWS Service Terms and Data Protection Code of Conduct for Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers.

13. Aisitech is not responsible for any errors or damages caused by Amazon during the provision of the service, including errors related to data security. In order to maintain the quality of the service, Amazon may take measures to improve the service, eliminate errors, and other similar purposes.

14. A general chart of the limits of AWS's liability for damage caused by interruption is provided in the appendix to this document and depends on the cause of the particular interruption (it is a matter within the scope of responsibility of AWS or within the scope of responsibility of Aisitec). For the purposes of this clause, Aisitec maintains a list of the specific services used on the AWS platform.

15. When it is necessary to provide information (including personal data) to Aisitec for using the service, the user is responsible for the correctness of the information provided.

16. Payment for the use of the Aisitek service is carried out in a non-cash manner,

17. In case of termination of use of Aisitek service in case of non-payment of fees, Aisitek is authorized to keep the user's information, which is placed in the data warehouses, for no more than 3 months. After the expiration of the mentioned term, Aisitek will delete the user's information (including the personal data processed by the user).

18. When terminating the use of the service, the user has the right to transfer his information to another system. In order to facilitate the aforementioned, Aisitek provides the user with information download in a data format suitable for machine processing. Aisitek provides information at the time of download in a known and common format. If the user needs information in any other format, he is obliged to convert the said information himself. In addition, if the user needs Isitek's technical assistance for data porting, Isitek reserves the right to request an additional fee, the amount of which will depend on the volume and complexity of the work to be performed.

19. Aisitek is authorized to make changes in this document (in other documents related to this document), or in other documents related to the provision of the service to the user. The change is notified to the user in accordance with the procedure specified in clause 20.

19. Communication between Aisitek and the user is carried out in electronic form, using the contact information provided by the user (by sending an electronic mail or otherwise). Aisitech's email address is; It is possible for the parties to use mail for communication.

20. Any dispute arising between the customer and Aisitec shall be resolved by mutual agreement. In case of unresolved dispute by agreement within a reasonable time, it can be resolved by applying to the general courts of Georgia.

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